Thanks To…


SyLaR_54 > TL, TLC.
Hitokiri > Encoder, Editor.
scopedog > Editor.
weirdlike > Typesetter, Encoder.
Ashur > Quality Check.


Thanks to…

Episode 001
Thanks for translation goes to DarkUniter!

Episode 002, 011, 013
Thanks for translation goes to SlumpSubs!

Episode 009
Thanks for translation goes to Hakuin!

Episode 010, 012
Thanks for translation goes to LevelUpLeo (Léo Melanson)!
Twitter: (Podcast) (Personal account)
Facebook: (Podcast group)

Episode 016 ~ 027
Thanks for translation goes to shiteaterbubibinman!



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16 thoughts on “Thanks To…”

  1. Hi,

    Was wondering if any more Dr Slump episodes since #6 were available yet. My girlfriend loved this show growing up in Hong Kong and we are really enjoying watching this together.

    I don’t know what kind of help I could be, as I only know english, but I’m handy with software and formatting stuff so let me know if there’s anything else you might want help with. Getting these translated would boost their popularity, I didn’t realize it was the same writer as DragonBall until I read up more on Dr. Slump.

    Keep up the awesome work!


  2. thank you so much. this toriyama show is so hilarious. looking forward to more episodes, keep up the good work! gambatte!

  3. Dear Friend,

    I’m really insterest in translate this awesome anime.
    I’m from Brazil, and i’d like to use the Raw subtitles from yours, in English, to Translate to
    my Language.

    my english isn’t so perfect, but, i can (without any problem)to translate for Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).

    Thanks for you time and pacience.
    I’ll do my best, i you allow, of course! ^^

    A hug.

  4. Nice work guys!
    Thank you for doing this!
    Its a shame there is not even a dvd with English Subs!

    Do you think you will continue for the rest of the episodes?

    1. We think to continue but our encoder is busy nowadays and when i talked him last time he told me that he still hadn’t internet connection. Episode 11 is ready too. But we are waiting for internet to be fixed.
      You can think we have always excuses. It seems we started at inappropriate time. Sorry about that.

      After connection is fixed, we will continue.

  5. thanks for the great work!!
    im only a noob but also a fan of Dr Slump :D
    i wish you all best and hope you will be able to finish this project …and once again all i can give you is a ‘thank you’ for wasting your time so ppl like me could watch and understand what’s going on~

  6. Thank you so much for subtitling Dr. Slump & Arale-chan! Keep up the Great work!
    I look forward to your next release. I hope that you will continue the series
    as long as possible. I will continue to seed when I can. We would love to see
    N’CHA do more of the Dr. slump films. Thanks again!

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